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Our advice


Based on our experience from previous years, there are certain monthly rental rates for apartments we are offering based on location/price/living conditions. Pay attention, most landlords ask rent + utilities (water, heting, management etc.) + electricity + wi-fi OR one rental sum (all included)

1) Studio type apartment for 1 person (or a couple): 300-350 EUR + utilities + electricity + wi-fi

2) 1 bedroom apartment for 1 person (or a couple): 350-450 EUR + utilities + electricity + wi-fi

3) 2 bedroom apartments: 450-650 EUR + utilities + electricity + wi-fi

4) 3 bedroom apartments: 650-850 EUR + utilities + electricity + wi-fi

5) 4-5 bedroom apartments are very rare, but you should count on the price of 850-1050 EUR + utilitieselectricity + wi-fi

As you can see from the approximate prices, the bigger the apartment, the cheaper it is per person, therefore we would suggest cooperating early on and focus on 2/3 bedroom apartments. This way you will save some money, have (inter)cultural experience and most likely will have more fun! 

There are a few options to rent a room with private WC/shower and have a shared kitchen with 5-7people, however, such options are really limited.

Our suggestions!

1. Always ask the owners/agents what is the address? See active center zone. There are areas which are said to be city center however for locals those are either not very desirable parts of city center or actually are not assumed to be ACTIVE CITY CENTER. Close Pardaugava, over the river (Agenskalns, Kliversala) are also assumed to be safe/trendy/luxurious areas to live in.

2. Always ask total expected rent + utilities + wifi. Often additional payments sum up which may end up having 50% or more from initially posted offer. 
3. Always ask for possible references of previous tenants, they will tell you what was good/bad and how landlord managed any inquiries from tenants.


Also, from our previous experience we have noticed that many foreign students want to rent an apartment in the Old Town or close to that. However, good price/quality ratio deals are really few. As in most capitals, the Old Town area apartments tend to be more luxurious and therefore more expensive. Riga is not New York or Berlin or Moscow. It is fairly easy to orientate and most spots are within walking distance. Or riding a bike. It is getting trendy! Therefore, we suggest being open-minded to review offers in the area 20min walk to/from the Old Town or even 15min by public transport. Public transportation is reliable, on time and we suggest to use electronic card otherwise it would cost you a fortune (see 

When to rent an apartment?

The third very important factor you should have in mind is the timing. Our experience from previous years shows that most foreign students for autumn semester arrive at the last week of August. Statistics show that in total there a couple of thousand new student each year. That means the rental market in the end of August and beginning of September is crazy (the same applies to spring semester - January/February). If an offer has decent rent/quality/location ratio, the students grab it as soon as possible. For good apartments, the time from posting an ad and the apartment being rented out is often less than a few hours. What we can suggest is renting the apartment before arriving as most of the students we help have done it (see references). We will send you the pictures and all the necessary information about the apartments. Often we can also connect with students currently residing there for references. We will prepare the agreement and make sure everything is safe. In this case, when arrived you can go to your new apartment directly from the airport. That saves you a lot of time and hassle once you are in Riga. 

Have a look at some of our past deals: 

Valguma 22, green safe area, 1 stop to Old Town - 36m2, 1 bedroom. Rent 350 EUR/month + utilities + electricity + internet
Ganu 4, silent center, most prestigious city area - 35m2, 1 bedroom, 420 EUR/month + utilities OR 460-480 EUR/month all included

K.Barona 44, active center - 77m2, 2 bedrooms, 650 EUR/month + utilities OR 775EUR/month all included 
Kaļķu 2, Old Town - 100 m2, 3 bedrooms, 1050 EUR/month all included
Terbatas 20, active center - 110m2, 4 bedrooms. 1150 EUR/month all included