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Useful information

    If you want to get a local phone number there are a number of companies offering the prepaid cards.

    The most convenient is LMT. Bite and Tele2 are also convenient, however, they do not offer a lot of internet.

    You can find pre-paid cards in official stores of LMT, Bite, and Tele2, or sometimes they are sold in Rimi and Maxima at the cashier desk.

       The public transportation system in Riga is relatively convenient. There are buses, trolleybuses, trams, and minibuses. All of the transports mostly follow the schedule             with the exception of the busiest hours.

       We suggest using an electronic card (e-talon), otherwise, it will cost you a fortune. You can get it in customer service centers. Where you can find                                             them:

       Moreover, you can see the maps, schedules, and routes on the official website: Or download an app Trafi. Be careful with Google Maps         as a timetable in there is mistaken sometimes.


       There are plenty of Taxi companies operating in Riga. You can either use such apps as Bolt and Yandex Taxi or call:

       Baltic Taxi - Phone: +37120008500

       RedCab Taxi - Phone: +3718383

       The bike is possibly the most convenient transportation in Riga, especially in summer and spring. Though, you have to be very careful when leaving the bike on the                 street, as there are quite frequent thefts. Lock your bike properly.

      You can rent a bike in Sixt: or buy a second-hand bike in this Facebook                                                                                                                      group: (sometimes you can find there cheap and useful stuff).