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Useful information

Short term accommodation 

In case you don't find a flat before arriving in Riga (we do suggest finding an apartment before your arrival), these hostels and hotels could be your choice for living the first few days or weeks in Riga:
Art Hotel "Laine" On inquiries please consult us
Albert Hotel -
Franks hostel -
The Naughty Squirrel Backpackers Hostel -


If you want to get a local phone number there are a number of companies offering the prepaid cards.
The most convenient is Bite. Here are the places you can get it:
You can also choose Tele2 (their prepaid card is called Zelta Zivtiņa). Here is the list of places you can get Tele2 card:


Public transport

The public transportation system in Riga is relatively convinient. There are buses, trolleybuses, trams and minibuses available. All of the transports follow the schedule and are quite precise. You can see the maps, schedules and routes in the official website:


There are plenty of Taxi companies operating in Riga.
The most reliable one would be Baltic Taxi - Phone: 20008500
A bit cheaper, but convinient option is Panda Taxi - Phone: 67000000


Bike is possibly the most convinient means of transportation in Riga, especially in summer and spring. Though, you have to be very careful when leaving the bike on the street, as there are quite frequent thefts. Lock your bike properly.