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Global Home - Rent apartments for students in Riga

Rent apartments for students in Riga. We provide clients with best housing in Riga within best match for location/rent/quality (living conditions). Over last 7 years we have rented apartments for clients over 35 countries, all continents.

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There are 3 steps:

1. Due to our long term partnerships with landlords we have multiple apartments in rotation

2. Based on your needs, we email you best matches

3. When you have chosen the right for you, we negotiate best terms for both parties (the agreement can be signed e-form)

NB! Post brokerage service – compared to other companies, we also follow-up in case our clients need further assistance. See our References.

NB! As the market is very dynamic, for today’s offers please contact us.

Rent apartments for students in Riga

What to rent apartment?

Monthly rents are either “rent + additional payments (utilities: water, heating, etc + electricity + wi-fi) ORrent all (costs) included

Useful Information

Mobile Operators

To get a local phone number, there are 3 mobile operators (Bite, Tele2, LMT)

Public Transport

Public transport system in Riga is relatively convenient. There are buses, trolleybuses, trams, and minibuses. 


Bolt and Yandex Taxi are most preffered as they have own apps.

Bikes and scooters

Electric scooters (Fiqsy/Atom/Bolt/City Bee) and bikes are possibly the most convenient transportation in Riga

Rent apartments for students in Riga

Rent apartments for students in Riga

Happy Customers

"The apartment was nice, and had a ’high’ standard, Global Home has been available thru Whatsapp during the whole time and for someone that is moving to a foreign country that they never have visit before, it feels more safe."
"I already recommended GlobalHome to my friends who were satisfied with the service, and I would recommend over and over again."
Iva Keser