We the owners of GlobalHome are experienced travelers, lived abroad and participated in Erasmus exchange programs. We also have multiple years of experience in the hospitality business and day to day real estate business experience, therefore, we understand the musts for good housing in a foreign country. In order to facilitate our housing search, first, it is suggested to read the Our Advice page and, secondly, please specify your needs and drop us an email:

1) What is the address of your faculty you will be studying in Riga?

2) What is your rental period expected (dates from/till)?

3) What apartment are you looking for (single/2 bedroom/shared etc.)?

4) What is your expected budget (including utilities)?

5) Do you have any other specifics that we should know of (pets/elevator as a must/floor)?


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Jānis stukuls

Janis has graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and has received a Master’s degree from Riga Technical University. On top of that, Janis has graduated from the College of Law, receiving first degree higher education in Administration and management of the real estate.

Currently, besides helping international students, he works as a real estate manager for a couple of buildings in the very center of Riga and, additionally, is developing some social projects.

WhatsApp: +371 26427173

Artūrs Slišāns

Artūrs has graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. Has traveled around Europe, the Middle East, the USA, and Brazil therefore appreciates Riga’s evolving multicultural vibe.

Within last decade has become a real estate professional by renting apartments to clients from 40+ countries. And over past 2 years have sold apartments in value up to 2mEur. Is confident dealing with any real estate issue. Welcome!

WhatsApp/Telegram: +371 23200611