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Jussi Örn, Finland, 2018 

1. How do you evaluate our service (Global Home)? 
The quality of this service was very good. When I needed help in searching home and contacted Global Home, Mr Arturs Slisans replied quickly to my first message. He asked right away about my wishes and needs, and recommended me some suitable places. The service was reliable, quick, helpful and flexible. Mr. Slisans gave me all the required information, which was very important, for I was not able to be in Riga to see the apartments in advance, nor did I know the city. 

2. Are we credible/offer what you need? (in person and also renting from distance)

Yes, indeed.

3. Would you recommend us to others in search for housing in Riga?

According to my experience, I would definitely recommend this company.

Nur Amrina Binti Anuar, Malaysia, 2017 

1. I am really grateful as I found this Global Home. It is really a good and wonderful choice for me. Arturs helped me a lot and the responses always efficient and fast. I really like it.

2. Yes they really offered what you need and always prepared me with many options until I get what I want. I really satisfied with my room now and having a great time here.

3. I highly recommend Global Home to everyone who need room here. It is a trusted and really great choice.


Angela Linares, Spain, 2017

 1. From the beginning Global Home, in my case, working with Arturs, has been helping me a lot since the first day. He was answering very fast all my emails and our communication was great. Also, in terms of legalities and so on, they are great. So I will evaluate them 10/10.

2. Everything that we have talked via email was as it is happening in Riga. Totally credible and from my first email to them asking for information and so on, I have received a wonderful answer and a really good customer service. Moreover, the opportunity of different varieties of housing was quite a lot and very targeted of what I was looking for.
3.  I really recommend Global Home as an agency to look for any house in Riga, given that, at least for me, from Spain and via Internet, was being impossible to find any place where to live. And, finally, thanks to them I could find a place in which I am really happy and cozy, with every kind of facility and near my university, something which was key in my case.


Julian Acheampong, Norway2017

1. Great service, reliable and and committed to find best solution that fits your criteria. Very professional. 

2. Yeah, I had been talking to Arturs Slisans over e-mail for some time. His genuine customer service made it easy for me to trust him and I decided to accept the offer he found for me. And I do not regret doing so now!
3. I would recommend these guys, they know the city and know what they're doing very well.

Maria Garcia Salvatierra, Ecuador, 2016 

1. Arturs as well as Global Home in general did an incredible job. They were really supporting all the time since we arrived to Riga. Always giving us the best options. Always flexible with my needs. They always help us with any concern as fast as they could. A totally trustworthy company.








2. Arriving to a totally different place always is a big deal. As well as try to find persons that you can trust in.

Global Home is a credible company everything that they promised to us was true. They made some changes in my apartment and all of them became true also when we need extra stuffs in our apartment they tried to provide us with everything that we need to make the apartment feel like home.



3. I totally recommend Global Home for searching a place to live in Riga. The options that they offer are really good as well as prices and good locations. Making deals with this company was really nice.


 Tshepo Feela, South Africa, 2016


1. Excellent, Arturs really went the extra mile.

2. Yes very credible, I had several accommodation options from which to choose.

3. Yes, definitely.

Pablo Sánchez, Spain, 2016 

1. The service offered was fantastic. They have been supporting me AFTER AND BEFORE my stay in Rīga.

They have demonstrated they are very reliable.

2. Yes. We met and they showed me some places, including the one I finally chose. They made an effort to show me something that could really fit my needs. And they did not try to lie to me/handle for me to spend my money in a place that did not worth it.

3. They did an excellent job and they helped me when I needed. Of course!

Naoko Kigaku, Japan, 2016

 1. I highly appreciate Global Home. Soon after I sent my requirement for the room, they suggested perfect ones and let me see them. Moreover when I made a contract, Artūrs made great effort to go along it smoothly, which eliminated my concern.

2. They are definitely credible. They never forgot my order of priority when they show rooms and give some advice to me. I am really grateful for the continuous support not only in choosing the room, but also after I started to living in a new room.

3. Yes I strongly recommend Global Home. They will be sure to provide you with cordial hospitality.


Sarah Fouzi, Sweden, 2017


1. I'm very satisfied with the service they provided. They replied quickly and answered all the questions I had. If I had to rate, I'd give them 9/10.

2. I found them really credible. Before renting an apartment they'd connect me to different people who've been in touch with them before. It made them seem really trustworthy.

3. Absolutely!


Sandra Henninger, Germany, 2017

We can highly recommend Arturs and Global Home if you need help with searching a suitable accommodation in Riga. We contacted Global Home some weeks before our arrival and got different offers. Arturs answered all our e-mails and questions immediately and was all the time very helpful. He also gave us contact details of the guys who lived in our apartment before for getting “insider information” which made us feel more comfortable. When we found an accommodation, he helped us with the contract and managed the communication with the landlord. Also after we signed the contract, he was still very helpful and friendly. On the day we moved into our flat, he welcomed us in front of the apartment and showed us around – the apartment looks even better than on the pictures we saw before. We had a few little issues on the first day and Arturs helped us to solve them immediately, which was very good service!


Anne Le Coz, France, 2016

1. 9/10

2. Yes (renting at distance ok. Not problem- quite easy) 

3. Yes, I would recommend  GLOBAL HOME  for others students.


Naphtali Rivkin, USA, 2015

1. Arturs and his team did an excellent and quick job finding me an apartment that I liked. I think he must have sent me half a dozen options from which to choose within a week of hearing from me. It was so nice to be able to move into my own place immediately when I arrived in Riga rather than staying in a hotel and hectically looking for an apartment in a language I don’t speak.

2. Of course, I was nervous about dealing with people I had never met before, and nervous about transferring money internationally, but my nerves turned out to be totally unwarranted.  I was comforted by the fact the the University of Latvia recommends Global Home, and I certainly got exactly what I paid for. 

3. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an apartment in Riga use global home if they want a safe, convenient, and quick way to find their new home.


Martyna & Hester, Poland and Netherlands, 2015

1. We would evaluate your services 9 out of 10. We got replies on e-mails very fast and you sent us offers that fit our needs. Whether they were questions, doubts or just comments we always got a very quick answer and that was very nice since we were not in Riga to see the apartments and you really gave us the feeling that we could trust you. First we were a bit skeptical, because we didn't know what the search would lead to, but we are really satisfied with your services and if we had to do it again we totally would! 

2. Yes, because you are specialized in foreign students and you know our situations (temporary rent, scholarships, etc.) so you really tried to get contracts that fit our best interest and we really got the feeling we could trust you in this which was very nice. Your services are perfect for people that don't know Riga or Latvia. 

3. Yes, especially if they are Erasmus students.


Roman & Lars, Switzerland, 2015

1. Me an my colleague had a lot of contact with Global Home, while we were searching a flat. They always answered our questions fast and appropriate. Further they gave us a lot of offeres which were based on our needs and preferences.

2. You really can trust Global Home. Everything they told us and promised us worked. In addition they are also recommended by the University of Latvia.

3. Yes, we definitely would recommend Global Home to others. They guys understand her business and did a great job.


Christopher Sexton, Australia, 2015

1. Highly recommended. Arturs was extremely professional throughout and kept me informed every step of the way. I valued his responsiveness and the fact that he always had my best interests at heart.

2. He was on the same page as me in terms of understanding my needs and went out of his way to accommodate them. He never lost sight of the big picture and helped me cut through the red tape when dealing with state authorities.

3. Definitely. Arturs provides sound advice, delivers a very personal service and is extremely dependable. His very good command of English - not something to be taken for granted in this part of the world - also ensures smooth communications.He is also well-travelled and brings a refreshingly international perspective to his work.


Myriam & Amina, France, 2015

1) Very good service. A team in our listening and available to understand what we need, when and where! GlobalHome knew to respond at our expectations very quickly and with satisfaction !

2) As we told in the previous question, from the moment where we have found a team in our listening, the things followed alone. So the offer responded perfectly to what we were looking for.

3) Yes of course! because it's very important and this reassure  students who come from abroad to find an agency specialized for them and in collaboration with different partners such the Latvia University !


Jennifer Jenkins, Canada, 2015

1. I would evaluate Global Home very positively. When I first enquired about their services, the response was quick and detailed, and the entire process has been very helpful and accommodating with my specific needs, through negotiating and translating with the landlord(s) and figuring out the best way to send international money transfers to pay my first month's rent before arriving.

2. Yes, this service is credible. I was sent housing options and the place I ended up renting matched the photos and description supplied to me beforehand, and Global Home did what they could to negotiate a fair agreement for my specific shorter-stay situation.

3. Yes, I would recommend Global Home.


Solène Le Thiec, France, 2015

1. Your service was very satisfying and you offer a wide variety of apartment. Moreover, you came to me with good proposals in a short period of time. You answer quicly to my requests or questions. 

2. Global Home knows the needs of students, they take them into consideration about the localisation and size of apartment. They also provide a lot of photos of the apartments, so we can imagine the apartment without any visit. 

3. Yes of course ! This service allows me to have a very nice apartment for my arrival to Riga!