Sweden, 2021

1. How do you evaluate our service (Global Home)? 

10/10 really good. Not ’just’ renting out apartments but also very helpful. Janis and Global Home has been very helpful during the situation of Corona and has done much more for me than I could expect.

2.Are we credible/offer what you need? (in-person and also renting from a distance)

Yes. The apartment was nice, and had a ’high’ standard, Global Home has been available thru Whatsapp during the whole time and for someone that is moving to a foreign country that they never have visit before, it feels more safe.

3.Would you recommend us to others in a search of housing in Riga?

I would, as SSE Riga recommended me, recommend Global Home for anyone that is asking me about apartments in Riga.

Iva Keser

Croatia, 2021

1. The service is extraordinary. Arturs made sure to find me the place that 100% fits my preference. Many offers were given to me, in person as well video tours over the call.

2. Apartments they are offering are in the range for everybody, prices are standard and equals the quality. I would say that the quality is higher than the price. If anything is needed they are here to help and resolve the situation, as well just a casual talk is always welcome.

3. I already recommended GlobalHome to my friends who were satisfied with the service, and I would recommend over and over again.

Benjamin Patry

France, 2020

 1. The service was fast and very responding, thanks to that we were able to find a good appartement in no time!

3. Yes i would recommend you to other persons in need for a house

Anna Luise Buttne

Germany, 2020

I was satisfied with the offers given to me and I finally found what I was looking for. Therefore I would definitely recommend Global Home to others who do not know Riga and who are looking for a credible offer! It was a great help to me to find this trustworthy address on the university website. I will definitely keep my time in Riga in very good memory also thanks to the apartment!

Diogo Santos

Portugal, 2019

1. Really good!  Whenever I needed something they were always ready to help me. Not only regarding the house I was staying, but the overall stay in Riga.

2. I entered in contact with Global Home through the recommendation of SSE Riga, where I did Erasmus, so I wasn’t so afraid because it was a recognized entity. However, it exceeded my expectations. The person I contacted was really friendly and concern. I only have to say thanks for all the support provided. And the house was really good, in a good area, near the school (3 min) and 15 minutes from the city center (Old Town).

3. I would definitely recommend contacting Global Home if anyone is staying in Riga.

Jussi Örn

Finland, 2018

1. The quality of this service was very good. When I needed help in searching home and contacted Global Home, Mr. Arturs Slisans replied quickly to my first message. He asked right away about my wishes and needs and recommended me some suitable places. The service was reliable, quick, helpful and flexible. Mr. Slisans gave me all the required information, which was very important, for I was not able to be in Riga to see the apartments in advance, nor did I know the city.

2. Yes, indeed.

3. According to my experience, I would definitely recommend this company.