Our Advice

Want to rent?

Monthly rents are either “rent + additional payments (utilities: water, heating, etc + electricity + wi-fi) ORrent all (costs) included“. 

Private bedroom in a shared apartment with shared or private WC/bathroom: (280-390EUR/month all included)

Studio apartment for 1 person or a couple: (320-375EUR/month + additional payments) or (400-500EUR/month all included)

1 bedroom apartment for 1 person/a couple: (350-475EUR/month + additional payments) or 425-575EUR/month all included)

2 bedroom apartment: (450-550EUR/month + additional payments) or (530-700EUR/month all included)

3 bedroom apartment: (650-850EUR/month + additional payments) or (800-1100EUR/month all included)

4/5 bedroom apartment:(850-1050EUR/month + additional payments) or (1150-1400EUR/month all included). 

Therefore the bigger the apartment, the cheaper it is per person –> we suggest cooperating early on. This way you will save you some money and help to get (inter)cultural experience!


Many foreign students want to rent an apartment in the Old Town or close to that. However, good rent/quality deals are really few. As in most capitals, the Old Town area apartments tend to be more luxurious and therefore more expensive. Riga is small, most spots are within walking distance or by riding a bike. Therefore we suggest renting either within Active City center (below), Quiet Center, or in Trendy area where National library is located. Within 20min walk or even 15min by public transport you could have often better and cheaper option. Actually majority of foreign students live in those areas.

About public transportation, you can read on the Useful Information page


Very important factor you should have in mind is the timing. The rental market at the end of August and beginning of September is crazy (the same applies to spring semester – January/February). If an offer is decent, the students grab it as soon as possible. For good apartments, the time from posting an ad and the apartment being rented out is often less than a few hours.

What we can suggest is renting the apartment before arriving as most of the students we assist have done it (see References page). We would follow 3 steps procedure explained in the landing page. In this case, when arrived you can go to your chosen apartment directly from the airport. That would save you a lot of time and hassle once you are in Riga. 

Our suggestions

1. Always ask an address. See zones distribution on the map below, it will help you to choose the most desirable district.

2. Always ask total expected rent (often total rent can be up to 30% more than the initially posted offer). 

3. Always ask for possible references from previous tenants.